Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored

Kharis delves into the many aspects of the revival of Greek paganism, from its ancient roots to its contemporary practice. It is written as an introduction for those new to Hellenismos, and as a reference for more experienced devotees. It covers not only the basics of worship, but also how to adapt the ancient religion to our modern lives, cultivate relationships with the gods and spirits, and create a deeply satisfying spiritual life. The emphasis of this book is on the concept of kharis, the reciprocity so implicit in the practice of Hellenic polytheism. From the simplest prayer or libation, to direct encounters with deities, the principle of reciprocal favor governs the heart of this religion and facilitates for each worshipper a real and profound connection with the divine.


Komos: Celebrating Festivals in Contemporary Hellenic Polytheism

Komos explains the nature of ancient Greek festivals and the reasons they were observed, then moves forward to offer ways in which the same ideas and motivations can be expressed through modern celebrations. Special attention is given to crafting a localized and individualized practice that both fulfills religious obligations and results in personal enjoyment and spiritual connection. The lunar calendar is explained, along with other approaches to timing and selecting dates. All the significant elements of Hellenic festivals are discussed in detail with suggestions for how each can be included today. To educate and inspire the reader in the process of creating a complete festival calendar, many ancient examples are referenced, along with a few compatible modern folk festivals, and accounts of some of the author’s own experiences. Finally, advice is given for navigating issues such as budgetary restrictions, multi-tradition households, and what to do when things go wrong.

The City Is a Labyrinth: A Walking Guide for Urban Animists

The city is alive with spirits—from those found in remaining natural areas to those who are unique to the realm of concrete and steel. But how can we connect with these spirits, and build a powerful, meaningful localized practice in an urban environment? The author – a polytheist, animist, and spirit-worker – suggests a radically simple approach: walking. Inspired by the field of psychogeography and informed by her many years as a spiritually-minded pedestrian, she examines the ways in which walking can be a devotional and magical act. Explore the numinous places of the city and the wights who dwell there with this pocket-sized guide, perfect for taking along on your journeys.


The Secret History of Carnival Talk

Part memoir, part cultural history, part linguistic exploration, The Secret History of Carnival Talk traces the evolution of this curious manner of speech from its origins on the midway to its use by wrestlers, rappers and children at play. The text is accompanied by 30 fascinating photographs of a Depression-era travelling carnival, taken by the author’s grandfather. Dedicated website includes book trailer, a video documenting the permutations of the cant, a Carny translator, and links to purchase the book plus postcards.


Working with Animal Bones: A Practical and Spiritual Guide

Working with Animal Bones introduces the reader to the biological processes which form bone; gives advice on how to find bones in a natural setting, and subsequently identify and thoroughly clean them; discusses the types of crafts that can be made with bones; and explores the history and modern practices involving the sacred use of animal bones, including divination. An annotated bibliography and list of online resources for collectors are also included.


The Girls Underground Story Oracle: Guide and Instructions

Accompanying guidebook for The Girls Underground Story Oracle – a set of divinatory cards offering guidance and insight through the power of Story. Includes a discussion of the Girls Underground archetype, its origins, and its meaning, instructions on how to use the oracle (for divination, story-telling, and magic), and interpretations for the cards – exploring how each plot point or lesson appears in the archetypal Story, and what it could mean in the context of a divinatory reading. 


Gentlemen, Madmen, Things That Are Not Men (as D. Venatrix)

A dark, compelling art book documenting an uncanny world and the elegant but perilous folk who dwell there. Some might call them fairies, others monsters. They look like gentlemen but they are anything but gentle. They live underground, but they prowl our streets. Every shadow may hide a doorway into their twilight land. Polaroid photographs of liminal objects and places are juxtaposed with antique portraits of striking but often strange men, interspersed with short, rhyming poems evoking an otherworldly and subtly sinister atmosphere. Original limited edition of 13 hand-embellished copies, now available as a hardcover.

Dwelling on the Threshold: Reflections of a Spirit-Worker and Devotional Polytheist


Between the Worlds: Notes from the Threshold