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Etsy shop featuring special sets of my books, the Girls Underground Story Oracle, as well as–periodically–handmade art and jewelry, ritual supplies, and animal bones.





Divination with cards (Tarot and other decks), performed in a trance state with accompanying ritual and offerings, in order to receive answers from the spirits. I have been reading cards for over 20 years, and spent 7 years learning oracular trance, both of which are combined in this current practice.

Cartomancy sessions are held every Wednesday. The cost is $20 per question. To learn more, or request a reading, please see my Cartomancy page.


Assistance for writers who wish to self-publish their books. Interior formatting and layout, cover design, copyediting, e-book conversion, etc. Specializing in pagan and polytheist books.

Download this 3-page flyer for more information on how the process works, pricing, testimonials, portfolio examples, and more.