Writings on spirit-work and devotional polytheism, now mostly on hiatus. Includes information on Cartomancy readings, and collections of interesting Quotes and useful Resources. Many posts from this blog were collected into the books Dwelling on the Threshold and Between the Worlds.


Showcases my current artwork under the category Zauberei (masks, puppets, assemblage, photography, etc.), as well as pieces from other artists which have had an impact on me under the category Schauspiel. Connected to my shop Goblinesquerie, which features bone jewelry and one-of-a-kind art pieces.


Exploration of a story archetype in which a girl journeys through a labyrinthine otherworld with several companions, confronts an adversary, and becomes greater than she had been. Blog documents all examples I have found in film and literature. Inspiration for the Girls Underground Story Oracle. Also includes Alice Days, a holiday celebrating Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole.


Mumming, or guising, is a procession of people in masks and costumes representing various wild and often threatening characters, usually undertaken during the dark part of the year. This site explores the practices across Europe and North America with quotes, images, videos, resource links, groups listings, and a blog chronicling my own experiences.


Documents appearances of the ubiquitous Amanita muscaria (fly agaric) mushroom in art, advertising, film, books, popular culture, vintage ephemera, and more. Resources page includes links to academic articles on the history and use of the mushroom.


Home for The Secret History of Carnival Talk, describing the evolution of a strange language spoken by carnival workers, with anecdotes and photographs from my grandparents’ time with a carnival in 1937. Site includes book trailer, a video documenting the permutations of the cant, a Carny translator, and links to purchase the book plus postcards.